Bi-metal strip steel
Bi-metal strip steel


        Bi-metal steel strip is the use of imported backing steel, edge material as raw materials; two kinds of different material metal moment melt welding by the international advanced laser welding technology. The welding range of  width and thickness are (10-80) mm and (0-3) mm.

        Tooth Material         Imported (M42/M51) High-speed Steel

         Back Material    Imported High Content Alloy Spring Steel


        The existing specifications of bi-metal  strip steel(Width*thickness)

        13.0mm*0.65mm    19.0mm*0.90mm
        27.0mm*0.90mm    34.0mm*1.10mm
        41.0mm*1.30mm    54.0mm*1.60mm
        67.0mm*1.60mm    80.0mm*1.60mm